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Luciano Pavarotti

Although Pavarotti was clearly very talented, his fame was inflated by the London and Decca marketing machines. Domingo or even Corelli were obviously his equal.

King Lear

Although King Lear is rivaled perhaps only by Hamlet, I tend to agree with critic Charles Lamb's observation that it ought to be read, not performed.

C. S. Lewis

The original 1985 BBC movie about C. S. Lewis' life, Shadowlands, is more subtly directed and nuanced than the 1993 movie. And unlike Anthony Hopkins, Joss Ackland actually looks like C. S. Lewis.

Smug source: Dave Barnette


It's only worth bothering with sushi if you're going to go to the Tokyo Fish Market. Nothing else is really fresh enough to capture the perfect simplicity of toro or uni.

Stanley Kubrick

Although Clockwork Orange and 2001 are enjoyable films, Stanley Kubrick's artistic triumph was clearly Barry Lyndon. Its cinematography is flawless.

Smug source: Chris Manning

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